Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Las Vegas Joins Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

When California’s Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had equal rights to marry under the state constitution in May 2008, it became a tumultuous ride for the LGBT Community. By November, the decision was overruled when Proposition 8 passed by a 52.3 - 47.7 percent margin, devastating the community.

Yesterday, California’s Supreme Court ruled to uphold the same-sex marriage ban.

“It was a highly discouraging day for many,” says Brett, who married his husband in Los Angeles in July, 2008. “We consider ourselves very lucky that we had this opportunity last year. However, there are many people who are not as fortunate. We adopted two children over six years ago and this was the second most important day of our lives. To think that this right could be taken away from us is extremely disheartening.”

Las Vegas is among 160 cities across the nation rallying against California’s Supreme Court decision to uphold Proposition 8. The issue of Proposition 8 resonates with the LGBT community of Southern Nevada because Gov. Gibbons vetoed SB 283, which was a domestic partner bill that revised provisions governing the rights of domestic partners. To express support, the The Gay & Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada hosted a rally with over 400 advocates in attendance, both gay and straight, last night.

“The rally filled us with hope and pride,” said Sybrina Bernabei, HIV prevention educator at the Gay & Lesbian Center. “The speakers encouraged and energized us. We need to unite and stand up for our rights.”

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has taken action on a local and national level. They continue to lead us in the fight for equal rights and they continue to need the support of the community.

Make a difference. Get involved.

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